Wednesday, April 18, 2018

People of Los Angeles, we promised you a show filled with only the best fighters & so it's with great pleasure we introduce the next fighter on our card.

Please welcome Cam 'Showtime' Underhill, who is the owner of a 2-0 professional fighting career. Both wins came from submissions within a minute & so his fight could be short-lived yet extremely satisfying on the eye!

This Lightweight's association is AGUIRRE'S FIGHTING SYSTEM who have multiple notable fighters and so let's just say we're excited about this guy's bout...

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To top off your Saturday we're stoked to be announced a mammoth bout on our LA Card coming up on the 19th of May!

Get excited to see Mike Segura & Dmitry Gerasimov go head to head in our Co-Main Event, in a fight that will see two of the most talented fighters on the west coast battle it out to the end.

Segura has won five from his last six, and Gerasimov, 'The Silver Bullet' has won four from his last six, meaning that both fighters are coming in on hot streaks and ready to add to them.

Our fans may remember Mike Segura from Celtic Gladiator 13 and while it may Gerasimov's debut in our show - we're expecting both names to be in your heads for a long time after their fight!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

So we're another day closer to the big event... and we're once again delighted to be announcing yet another exciting fight on our card!
Sergio 'Surge the Kid' Perez & Milton 'The Diamond' Arguello is guaranteed to keep everyone on the edges of their seats for the duration of the scrap.

Both of their professional records are impressive at 3-1 & 2-1 respectively, and therefore there's a lot at stake in this particular fight!
We're just over a month out... get your tickets quick!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We can confidently say that this is going to be nothing short of incredible.

The Main Event, and one of the most hotly-anticipated fights on the west coast of America.
Richard LeRoy is 6-0 in his professional career, with the majority of them being via KO/TKO. Nine out of the ten wins in David Douglas' career are from KO/TKO.
The bottom line is that in this bout, expect fireworks, and get ready for an incredible clash that any MMA fan on the West Coast should not miss.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

So with Celtic Gladiator 21 looming, it's time to introduce you to some of the ridiculous match-ups we've got on our card for you.

Eddie 'Ambien' Jackson is a name many of you will be familiar with after his last outing in Celtic Gladiator 17, where he was narrowly defeated, bringing his record to a still majorly impressive 6-2. You can be sure that he's going to bounce back & show everyone why he's got the reputation that he does after a career filled with highlights & major wins!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Celtic Gladiator 21 is on the horizon.
And people of Los Angeles, you're in for a treat.
We're busy stacking this card with all of the best fighters on the West Coast & it's safe to say that if you're an MMA fan you will not want to miss this.
With fighters like Richard Leroy & David Douglas going head to head, you know there's going to be fireworks.
Brace yourselves for the mother of all fight nights...

Fight Card for Celtic Gladiator 20

Olsztyn - 28.04.2018

Main Card

Adam Kowalski
Mateusz Ostrowski
(Berkut Arrachion Olsztyn) 93kg (Shark Top Team Łódź)

Jakub Wikłacz
Simone D'Anna
(Berkut Arrachion Olsztyn)


(American Top Team


Piotr Danelski
Klemens Ewald
 (Berkut Arrachion Olsztyn) 77kg  (MMA Team Trójmiasto)
Piotr Poniedziałek
Tomasz Terlikowski
(Yakiba Team)   (Shooters Konin)
Tomasz Mozdyniewicz
Krystian Bielski
 (Halny Nowy Sacz) 84kg   (Berkut Arrachion Olsztyn)
Patryk Duński
Maciej Szczepaniak
 (Arrachion Iława )  66kg  (Halny Nowy Sacz)
Adrian Błoński
Jakub Hansbach
(Arrachion Iława)   61kg

 (Silesian Cage Club Katowice)

 Shakun Stanisław vs  Adam Soldaev

 (Shark Top Team Łódź)

 61kg  (Berkut Wca Warszawa)
Kacper Kozikowski
vs  Kacper Kozikowski
 (Silesian Cage Club Katowice)  70kg  
Amateurs Card

Kacper Kuchmacz
Krzysztof Lelito
(Berkut Arrachion Olsztyn) 61kg (Halny Nowy Sącz)
Arkadiusz Swider vs Vasyl Halych
(Berkut Arrachion Olsztyn) 81kg (Shark Top Team Lodz)