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October 6 York hall London Celtic Gladiator 14!
Only two weeks are separating us from the first gong. The London Hall will be heated, there will be "thunders", and fans should already rub their hands before this event. We have prepared several fights in different formulas, mma, K1, muay thai. In London there will be plenty of newcomers such as Adrian Molenda, Łukasz Weha, Ben Spicer this is a guarantee that fighters will want to "show off" and it can always result in some "young wolf". In the light heavyweight category in mma, there will be an interesting duel between Arunas Andriuskevicus vs Łukasz Klinger. These are two very experienced fighters, so it is worth the attention. There will also be fights in the light heavyweight and heavyweight, Sarara, Czerwiński, Adetola, Gowik are some names that will appear in this category, they’re always very exciting.You can not miss out the fight of the opposite gender, will come to an interesting rematch in the formula K1, between Katarzyna Twardowska and Filip Mourao.

"The Cherry on the cake" of the upcoming show will be a heavyweight kick in the Formula K1, between Tomasz Sarara and Luciano Zampieri, the title of this encounter will be the title of World Champion K1 Celtic Gladiator. Both fighters have the same record, huge experience, and the odds certainly promise unforgettable experiences.

 Who will win the title? How will the debutants show up? How will heavy blows fall in the highest categories ?? For this question, we will know the answer in a short time. !! Feel free to experience this with us at York Hall or on the


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