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The next duel that supplies the London fight card is a mma encounter in the middleweight category, between Alex "Mean" Montagnani (9-2) and Ivan Gold (2-1). Alex is from Great Britain, his compatriots will support him, which will certainly give him "Wings". ‘Mean’ is training in three clubs - TM Boxing, Pound for Pound, Aeon BJJ, where his skills are trained under the eyes of Marcus Luther, Danny Beavor, Eamonn Madden. Montagnani is highly trained, his favorite technique is knee, he has been training for 4 years,  apart from sport he is a trainer. His favorite fighter is Himself, his hobby is swimming, Asked what’s the fight for him, without a struggle, he replied: It’s everything for me. Alex started as a Judo, In each element of the fights it’s perfectly trained, whether the ground floor or boxing, he is able to find himself  in any situation. Ivan comes from Ukraine, measures just as much as Alex 190 cm in height, which is a big attribute in this weight category. Gold is 4 years older than his opponent, he has 3 fights in his account.

Will "Mean" score 10th in York Hall?? Or will it be Ivan's third win?? It will certainly be an exciting start, and the questions will be resolved on October 6, stay tuned with us!!

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