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On the 4th of November in Nowy Sacz, Łukasz Boom Boom Pławecki (18W-13L-1D), who last Saturday won the title of World Champion of the IPCC in Nowy Sacz. "Boom Boom" returned successfully after his arm injury,  in the fight of the evening, after a fierce battle, defeated TKO in the third round of Gambijczyk Yankuba Juwara. Luke is a very experienced fighter, has a wealth of amateur career behind him, from 2004 to 2013. 126 amateur fights, titles of the Polish Junior Champion, Junior and Senior Champion, and in 2009 the 2nd place of the World Cup K1. On the professional track he has 32 duels and the most successful ones are: 2013 International Professional Polish Championship K-1, 2013 Polish Kickboxing Champion Kickboxing Low Kick, 2014 International Kickboxing Low Kick Championship 2016 WKN World Champion Kickboxing, and for three days " freshly baked "Champion IPCC.  It is worth mentioning that this year he made his debut in the biggest organization Glory 38 in Chicago, in this organization as same in Celtic Gladiator you must win a place. Pławecki on Celtic Gladiator 15, will be the hero of one of the fight of the evening. Judging from the last duel, he will surely provide us with a good dose of emotion and there will be plenty of supporters who will support the Sądeczan at this unique event.

Will Lukasz again "bear" the fans and finish the fight in a similar style as last?? On 4 November in MOSiR Hall will answer this question!!

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