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Speed, high intensity, massive heart to fights ,that’s the feature of lightweight athletes. And here on 6th October in London fight card reaches a MMA formula fight in flyweight category. Adrian "Adi" Molenda (0-0-0) will face Mark Wade (0W-2L). Adrian is a Polish fighter, originating from Chełmno, he will start his adventure in a  professional circle. "Adi" has in his account 6 amateur fights, lost only once. Living in Banbury, Molenda trained his skills under the eye of Stuart Davies, Anthony White and Gavin Stewart.From the beginning he started as a mma fighter, started in 2014, his strong sides are: speed, strength and a strong impact. His hobby is mma and boxing, except the fact that Adrian is preparing for a professional debut, he works full time which is admirable. He was asked - what does the debut and fight means to him, he answered: "I’m doing it for my family and friends." Mark Wade has 2 defeat in his professional account, that’s why he wants to win and enter the winning track. He started training as a kid, he started his startups in  2011, his coach is Phil Else, his hobby is only trainings. Wade's favorite fighter is Georges St-Pierre.

Will "Adi" stand the pressure of a professional debut? or maybe Marks carried doping by English fans he will overcome the 2 defeats? These questions will be dissolve in York Hall on October 6th!

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