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Tomasz Mozdyniewicz (2-0) is another mma fighter from club Halny Nowy Sącz, This is definitely a smithy of sądeckich fighters of this sport. He’s training his skills under the guidance of experienced coaches Rafał Wilk and Gregory Janus. Tomek has 20 amateur duels out of which he has won 12, he started as a mma fighter. He has been active since 2013 at the Drwala Fight Club in Krakow, his favorite fighter is the founder of this club. Mozdyniewicz is physically strong and his favorite technique is ground and pound. He himself expects from this fight high level sporting event. In addition to sport, he is a construction engineer, and his hobbies are all sports activities. His opponent will be the namesake, Tomasz  Lepiarski (3-0) representing Adrenalin FC.

His skills are trained under the supervision of Krzysztof Kułak, Lepiarski was an amateur champion SILESIA, and started from 2012. His favorite fighter is his trainer, apart from the sport he is a physical worker and his hobby is sport. Tomek is pulling to a sharp and hard fight which will surely guarantee a stiff show. Tomek’s strong side is left hand and ground floor, and his favorite technique is left middle.

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